The virtual minds group is more than just an employer with 300 employees. We are a big family with a deep understanding of values. We provide our employees a safe environment where they can burgeon. Customary salaries are just as natural as our corporate lounge, social gatherings and an amicable contact with a flat hierarchy. We expect much of our employees, but at the same time we know that personal satisfaction and a positive environment are essential. Talking about "employee orientation"? We are guided by our staff!

At this point we would like to substitutionally introduce some of our emplyees:

Daniel, Software Developer

Daniel is self-taught with a flair for harmonies. He designs the user´s views for the Frontend Development and arranges the correct presentation of the advertisement provided by our ad servers. The collocation of different parts with rhyme or reason enthuses him: work-related in the development of software as well as privately in the production of electronic music. Already as an apprentice, he had the chance to program "on open heart". Today, he accompanies our apprentices in doing so.

Jan, Account Manager

The fields of Consulting and Online Marketing inspire Jan since his studies. In the Account Management Department he pulls all the strings of Demand and Supply Management which is likewise his daily routine and challenge. Fascinated by the technological progress in Digital Marketing, he feels certain that Real Time Advertising will change the Digital Advertising Market sustainably. Of course, he wants to play a decisive role and help to shape this transformation.

Christina, Head of Support

Christina already impressed us as an apprentice in Campaign Management. Then she switched sides and now assists our customers in questions concerning their campaigns. No matter which questions and tasks: she translate everything professionally into action. With her ​​team, she promptly answers any question. And even in the hectic daily business she keeps her good-humored perspective and makes sure that nothing goes down.

Franziska, Business Development & Sales

After several years in business development and product management of leading online gaming companies, Franziska started her career at batch Media GmbH. Since then she is significantly involved in the strategic development of the firstTAG portfolio and user interfaces, as well as bringing all her experience into bear by managing her data management team. She advises agencies, marketing houses as well as partners in cooperation on all facets of batch's solutions. She is always focused on customer-friendly solutions while preserving its commercial targets. Thus one experiences her full of ambition and passion throughout her everyday (office) life.

Hansjörg, Head of Product Management

Hansjörg wants to discover new things. He traveled to foreign countries from Chile to Morocco by motorbike, with his team, he assists customers in terms of development and implementation of new software features. Since 2009 he is aboard and in charge of the Product Management. For ADITION he bridges the gap between technology and business. Geared to the target group he boils every topic down to the essence. To get different requirements in line and to offer the customer something that convinces him sustainably, is his challenge and joy at the same time.

Xueyao, Software Developer

The most likely farest way covers Xueyao for virtual minds. In 2009, she left her native China to do her Master´s in Germany. After an internship in Japan, she was looking for a company with "cutting-edge techniques" to launch her career and came to yieldlab in 2013.
Sometime Backend, sometimes Frontend. Xueyao loves to work on a wide variety of projects which allows her to see more than just the tip of the iceberg. Every day she learns from her team and conversely infects it with her enthusiasm and joy.

Benno, Vice President Sales

If you have not met Benno yet, you are sure to do so quite soon. He is always on the go; always out and about; manager of a trending bar, VP Sales at Urban Media, VZ networks and YOC. For more than 10 years, Benno has been bustling the media market as an expert on digital marketing, especially from a sell side perspective. While officially employed by ADITION, the graduate of Media Management will simultaneously be in charge of sales for a selected number of virtual minds’ investments; thus shaping the VM success story. He plans to continue his travels to earth’s exotic places and savor Asian cuisine.

Anton, Head of Frontend Development

Its not just his customer focus and inventive mind that makes Anton a real all-rounder. Already from the age of 8 he wanted to discover new worlds and used Programming in his South Africa homeland as a "way to express myself". At the age of 27 he discovered Freiburg and since then he strives with his team to create "bullet proof" code. His goal is nothing less than to develop the perfect code: with a minimal footprint that is fully compatible with the ever changing and complex web ecosystem.

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